Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Whats up Electronica fans! Just starting this blog up for a few reasons:
1) To share different artists and opinions on them.
2) Talk about shows, upcomming and past.
3) Discuss techniques for making ones own dirty bass drops.
4) To share some of my own stuff
5) The final and main reason is, simply, boredom.

I would like to make my first post here. Last Friday(March 4th, 2011) I had the privilege of seeing Excision, Downlink, and Antiserum live at the Ogden theater as part of the Subsonic Tour. Let me start off by saying that Excision threw down the sickest set I have ever heard!!! Sadly, this is one of thoes things where you have to have been there to understand, but I think I will tell you anyways. The reason I believe he/they played so well was because he was psyched on Colorado. Towards the end of his set (while ignoring all the house cues to wrap it up) he stopped playing because he was about to have the plug pulled. At this point he simply stated something along the lines of "They want me to stop but you guys have been so great...so fuck em'" then started playing for about 30 more minutes. It was easy to see he was loving it. Downlink and Antiserum were also both fucking sick. All the artists seemed to have appreciated the setup they were given at the Ogden, almost as if it gave them more creative freedom or something. Excision said "..these are the sickest subbies in the USA". The Ogden packed heat for sure. No matter how loud the subs could go however, they would never be able to touch the energy from the fans in the room. I guess what I am trying to say is, long story short, if you get the opportunity to see these three awesome artists in your hometown, don't even think about it, JUST DO IT.

 I also have the pleasure of seeing Datsik at the Ogden on 4/9, if you are in/from Denver and are reading this/going, post up! for the meantime, it will take me a few days to get this blog up to par. Untill then.


  1. Not from Denver, but good luck bloggin!

  2. Looking forward to the electronica posts!

  3. Well, I'm not huge on Dubstep... However, a friend shared these with me:


    So much win...

    I'm more have a Happy Hardcore/Happy Gabber fan. I look forward to reading more about Dubstep though.