Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have yet to see these.... black light reactive contacts

 Sooo you all may remember a few years back when the FDA got mad at contact companies for their colored contact lines. If you don't, here is the gist of it: A few years ago colored contacts became popular. They started to spread and were manufactured by more and more sketchy companies. Long story short, they started dyeing peoples retinas and causing them to go blind. Now recently the FDA has started regulating and approving colored contacts. knowing this I decided to google them and found these.
"Rave special effects contact lenses - these contacts glow under black light! They're perfect for Halloween parties and other special events. Rave black light contact lenses are available in blue, pink, yellow and green."

*note: If you do intend on buying colored contacts, make sure you check if they are FDA certified, and make sure they are either not prescription, or they come in your prescription