Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things that Glow

Things That Glow - Denver, CO

This may not be for all, but should you be interested in cool lights/glowstix/poi, then I have the store for you! Things That Glow located on Broadway in Denver CO.  Now many of you may not live in Colorado, but that doesn't matter seeing as they ship nationwide. Things that glow has a great selection and can supply you with just about anything you could need for a 'rave'(minus drugs of course, I'm on to you...). Anyways, the store is cool, the staff is cool; lets keep them around.
My brother made a sick ass staff there, definitely grabs attention at shows and bars. Here is the only pick I have(sadly its day in this pic so you cant really see it in action :( ...just kinda looks like a staff. in action the shaft glows aqua blue and the dome has a full spectrum of colors with many control options). Ignore the shit draped around it.
*if anyone wants a guide on how to make a staff, pls comment. Also, there will be some better pics of the staff when I get around to uploading them.


  1. Heh, the staff is cool. Raving Gandalf. "You shall not pass! Oonz, oontz, oontz."

  2. Ahahaha, such a simple and to the point store, love it.

    I was at a Bare Noize show in vancouver last week and say some kids with glow in the dark facepoint, it was unreal when the light would whip across their face because they would start glowing for a split second.

    I'd love to get my hands on some.

    Check out my blog for some more EDM, followed!