Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guess who is back from Spring Break with a new song of the week!

Hey guys, back from spring break. Now I know I have missed a week or two do to my travel, and I know that I did Flux Pavilion last time... but this song has been destroying raves all year so far. I will be more diverse next week.... maybe I should just make a "Flux Pavilion song of the week" as a separate thing...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jack Beats North American Tour

So Jack Beats announced their North American tour that will be coming next month. This is a good thing. However their list was severely lacking in states... including Colorado. This is a bad thing. Jack Beats will be at: Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, Chicago, Edmonton (CA again...), Los Vegas, and Phoenix.

Duh!?! winning! Charlie Sheen Dubstep

Now, I am not saying this will make top 100's, but it is nice to see people being creative and playing around with DJing. As I am sure everyone of you are all aware, Charlie Sheen is bat-shit crazy. He has been on many interviews and radio rants recently and is hard to take seriously. This is a dubstep mix of one of his interviews. enjoy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have yet to see these.... black light reactive contacts

 Sooo you all may remember a few years back when the FDA got mad at contact companies for their colored contact lines. If you don't, here is the gist of it: A few years ago colored contacts became popular. They started to spread and were manufactured by more and more sketchy companies. Long story short, they started dyeing peoples retinas and causing them to go blind. Now recently the FDA has started regulating and approving colored contacts. knowing this I decided to google them and found these.
"Rave special effects contact lenses - these contacts glow under black light! They're perfect for Halloween parties and other special events. Rave black light contact lenses are available in blue, pink, yellow and green."

*note: If you do intend on buying colored contacts, make sure you check if they are FDA certified, and make sure they are either not prescription, or they come in your prescription  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay, tell me this isn't awesome!

The video below is a Piano cover of Mt Eden Dubstep's "Sierra Leone"... bask in its glory!

Things that Glow

Things That Glow - Denver, CO

This may not be for all, but should you be interested in cool lights/glowstix/poi, then I have the store for you! Things That Glow located on Broadway in Denver CO.  Now many of you may not live in Colorado, but that doesn't matter seeing as they ship nationwide. Things that glow has a great selection and can supply you with just about anything you could need for a 'rave'(minus drugs of course, I'm on to you...). Anyways, the store is cool, the staff is cool; lets keep them around.
My brother made a sick ass staff there, definitely grabs attention at shows and bars. Here is the only pick I have(sadly its day in this pic so you cant really see it in action :( ...just kinda looks like a staff. in action the shaft glows aqua blue and the dome has a full spectrum of colors with many control options). Ignore the shit draped around it.
*if anyone wants a guide on how to make a staff, pls comment. Also, there will be some better pics of the staff when I get around to uploading them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mixing Tutorial

I can put up a tutorial on how to make your own Dubstep(or link to a good one). Please comment if interested because tutorials take a very long time to put together and I want to know it will be used.

Large influx :)

Wow! I would like to say thanks to all of those who came here to hear some of my music after I posted about my blog on twitter(got like 40 views in like 10 minutes!) At the same time however, I want to apologize because I don't have my music up yet. Just stay patient and I will try to get some sample stuff up.
Note* will post this same message on my Twitter

Song of the week!

I think I will start a new segment called "Song of the week" These songs don't need to be new per-say but I will try to keep it fresh. For now I will start with a classic.
Here it is for 2cnd week in march!

Long Ver! play in HD.

***More posts coming soon, just getting things started up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Whats up Electronica fans! Just starting this blog up for a few reasons:
1) To share different artists and opinions on them.
2) Talk about shows, upcomming and past.
3) Discuss techniques for making ones own dirty bass drops.
4) To share some of my own stuff
5) The final and main reason is, simply, boredom.

I would like to make my first post here. Last Friday(March 4th, 2011) I had the privilege of seeing Excision, Downlink, and Antiserum live at the Ogden theater as part of the Subsonic Tour. Let me start off by saying that Excision threw down the sickest set I have ever heard!!! Sadly, this is one of thoes things where you have to have been there to understand, but I think I will tell you anyways. The reason I believe he/they played so well was because he was psyched on Colorado. Towards the end of his set (while ignoring all the house cues to wrap it up) he stopped playing because he was about to have the plug pulled. At this point he simply stated something along the lines of "They want me to stop but you guys have been so fuck em'" then started playing for about 30 more minutes. It was easy to see he was loving it. Downlink and Antiserum were also both fucking sick. All the artists seemed to have appreciated the setup they were given at the Ogden, almost as if it gave them more creative freedom or something. Excision said "..these are the sickest subbies in the USA". The Ogden packed heat for sure. No matter how loud the subs could go however, they would never be able to touch the energy from the fans in the room. I guess what I am trying to say is, long story short, if you get the opportunity to see these three awesome artists in your hometown, don't even think about it, JUST DO IT.

 I also have the pleasure of seeing Datsik at the Ogden on 4/9, if you are in/from Denver and are reading this/going, post up! for the meantime, it will take me a few days to get this blog up to par. Untill then.